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I have used Telephone Answering Service for all of the 33 years that I have worked here. I can always count on them to treat our patients with courtesy, respect and even sympathy if needed and get the calls to the physicians immediately. The best way I can describe the service provided by TAS is absolutely fantastic and all five of our physicians feel the same. There is no way we could run our practice efficiently without them.

Wilma, Office Manager for Pediatric Group of Paducah

The operators at T.A.S. are always cordial, and kind to me and my clients. Over the years they have gotten to know me well and give me a heads-up on what my caller needs or wants. Even more important, under my direction, they help me screen my calls. All of my calls are answered quickly and I am paged immediately with all emergencies. The service is great for me because I don't have to give clients my cell phone number and the operators will even dial clients back for me so they see their number on caller ID and not mine. The overall quality of TAS is excellent service and imperative to my firm.

Jeremy Ian Smith, Attorney at Law

We have been doing business with T.A.S. since the early 80's. It is very important to me that my clients speak to a person NOT a machine. Over the years I have had many customers comment on how nice my secretary is on the phone, never knowing it was the answering service. The success of my business is built on the best service I can provide and TAS enables me to provide that.

Steve Warren, Warren Heating & Air

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