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Why Choose TAS?

Why Choose TAS?


Being a locally-owned and operated business, we understand the value of building and maintaining  reliable relationships with customers. By utilizing our answering service, you have a dependable way to stay in constant communication with new and existing customers.


Our services are custom tailored to fit your needs. We have experience answering for a variety of business types and can provide suggestions we believe may be beneficial to you and your business to better handle your calls and messages.


Although we are a small business, we have the capability of providing our services to anyone in the United States. We have the latest technology in industry standards, telephone equipment, as well as twenty-four-hour support from our many vendors.


We don't charge by the minute like many other answering service providers do. "Minutes" are every second spent on an account such as answering the phone, entering on-call information, taking messages, talking to callers, etc. We use a flat rate package that contains a message limit with options to increase the message limit. When we say "messages" we mean actual typed out, dispatched messages, not phone calls.


No long-term contract is required. We understand that no one wants to be forced to stay with a company that they are not satisfied with. We have enough faith in our services provided that we have never required anyone to sign a contract. With this, we handle our services on a month-to-month basis. 

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