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  • Do you offer 24/7 live call answering service?
    Yes! Telephone Answering Service operators are staffed and available 24/7. If your phones are rolled to T.A.S., then we will be there to answer them.
  • Can I sign-up for short term call answering?
    Yes! We offer what's called "vacation services" where if you're out of the office for a week or so, we can take messages for all your calls and then send them to you whenever you'd like.
  • Are you able to answer just some of our calls?
    Yes! If you need to step out of the office for a moment or are tied up on a job, Telephone Answering Service operators can answer and take messages for any of the calls received during that time. Those messages can then be sent to you as they're taken, or held until you check back in with us and receive them all at once.
  • Can you transfer calls to me or a staff member?
    Yes! Telephone Answering Services offers call patching capabilities in addition to sending messages. We can connect callers directly to you or a designated staff member.
  • Can messages be sent to multiple recipients on my team?
    Yes! Upon creation of your account, we'll discuss with you how exactly you'd like your messages to be handled. This will include what information you'd like to be taken, how to send the message to you (text, call, email, or fax), how frequently you'd like to receive the messages, and who all on your staff will receive the message.
  • Can we list multiple staff members with individual contact preferences?
    Yes! Each staff member can set their preferences on how they'd like us to reach them with callers or messages. For example, some might prefer to have callers patched directly to them and the information texted over or some might prefer to have the information texted to them so they can call the caller back at their convenience.
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